Shelcon Properties Pvt. Ltd., a well established private limited company in Siliguri region in the field of real estate development business. The company is engaged in real estate development business since 1998. The management of the company is vested to its Board of Directors, comprising of four Directors, namely, Sri Om Prakash Agarwal, Sri Debabrata Sarkar, Smt. Ravinder Kaur and Smt. Nandini Raha. Sri Om Prakash Agarwal is a leading personality in industrial field in Siliguri region. He is also engaged in trading business of electrical goods since his young age. Sri Debabrata Sarkar is a Civil Engineer by profession and is looking after architectural aspect of the company's real estate development business. Sint. Ravinder Kaur is the spouse of a renowned Chartered Accountant (F.C.A.) in Siliguri who is practicing under the name & style of M/s. G. S. Hora & Associates, a leading chartered accountancy firm in Siliguri. In fact, Sri G. S. Hora, the spouse of Smt. Ravinder Kaur, is actively taking part in the management of the company in advisory position. He has expert knowledge in financial management which will be of immense help for managing the financial aspect of the proposed residential complex. Being an active social worker, he has wide contact in social field too. Mrs. Nandini Raha has also good social background. Her husband, Sri Sujit Raha is a renowned Advocate in Siliguri. She is also an Advocate by profession. Her husband is also a good social worker. He has wide contact in social field. He is assisting her in all legal matters in advisory position for efficient running of the company.

In fact, all the above four Directors of the Company including the spouses of lady Directors, got themselves together for venturing real estate development business in Siliguri in the year, 1992 under the trade name & style of M/s. Peak Construction, a partnership firm, comprising of all the above four persons as equal partners; who are now the Directors of Shelcon Properties Pvt. Ltd. Most of them were quite inexperienced in business at that time. All of them were new in the line of real estate development business. In spite of all the negative factors, they successfully completed a residential complex, namely, "Basera Appartment" at B. L. Sarani. This was the beginning of their business journey. Thereafter, they didn't have to look backward. They have gone forward and completed several residential as well as commercial complexes in different places of Siliguri with dexterity